Scotland’s Top Ten Baby Names for 2018

Okay this is what you have been waiting for – the top ten baby names for Scotland in 2018.

For many there is no change from last year – yes it’s that exciting.

top names 2018

This is based on statistics for  24,532 boys’ births being registered. Although Jack is the most popular it accounts for 1.6% of a chosen name for boys.

23,253 girls’ births were registered with 1.8% choosing Olivia for a first name.

Parents choose a wider range of names to call their bairns now but the ‘second/middle’ name tends to be a more traditional one.

second names 2018

There is also an increasing variation in spelling and some regional differences.

babyYou can view the whole publication from the National Records of Scotland here: Babies First Names 2018


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