SSEN Respond to Orkney’s Concerns

SSEN have issued a fact sheet of the most frequently asked questions in response to the concerns of Orkney residents affected by the infrastructure needed for the proposed subsea cable.

SSEN have already announced the reduction in height of the platform level at Finstown substation, and a commitment to underground the overhead infrastructure at Hoxa Head.

You can access all the questions and answers  here: Orkney FAQs

You can read more about the transmission project here: Orkney 

SSEN Sept 6



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  1. I’ve just read the’ comments’ to this, on the Orkney News Facebook page.
    I have a question.
    How far back do ‘incomers’ go?
    You could say that they/we weren’t wanted then, either – marauding Vikings come to mind – but, many were wanted – were traders, settlers ( new ‘blood’), people who got businesses going, the Hudson Bay people.

    Maybe if you take the chip off your shoulder, you could get a wider view.

    Intolerance, is intolerance, whatever form it takes.

    A Christmas message – “Peace on Earth – Goodwill to all men.”

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