Helen’s Home Cooking:Video & Recipe for Butter.

Ever fancied making your own butter, well here’s a wee video showing you just how quick and easy it is. It is a perfect time of year for making butter as there is often a glut of cream in the shops which you can often get reduced, mine cost 20p each. You can even freeze the cream and or butter for use at a later date.





  • 600mls of double or extra thick cream
  • ¼tsp of salt
  1. Put the two ingredients into a large bowl and whisk.
  2. You keep whisking until the consistency changes and the cream starts to turn yellow.
  3. At this stage you will start to see watery milk coming away.
  4. Pour off any excess liquid, keeping for scones if you like.
  5. Whisk some more until it starts to form a mass.
  6. Squeeze out and remaining water or leave in a sieve for an hour or so.
  7. Pat into a rectangle and wrap in greaseproof paper or freeze until needed.
  8. It really is that simple…….enjoy.

Happy New Year Everybody

         Keep Cooking

   All The Best For 2019


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  1. I remember churning butter for my Auntie Bridie, in a small hand churn. Lovely stuff – on warm potato cakes, fresh off the griddle, hung on the ‘crane’ over the turf fire – this brings the smell and the taste back, so clearly.
    Another auntie (who shall remain nameless), wasn’t very good at making butter – it was always a bit watery, and….had thumb prints in it from when she shaped the pats!

  2. I make small amounts of butter in a jam jar, using a small carton of cream. Play some loud music with a good beat and dance around while shaking the jar. 10 minutes does it.

    • A good idea, we did it recently when covering a walk with Vikings to Scapa beach, we had a Viking cookout and made butter in a jar.

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