Old Papdale Hall of Residence To Be Demolished.


papdale hall of residence old ka

The Halls stopped being used for residences in October 2013.

The current building is used by Peedie Breeks Nursery  and Orkney Islands Council is in talks with them about where they can relocate to. Peedie Breeks provides day care for children from birth to Primary 7 and its location made it ideal for parents working/living in Kirkwall. Its close proximity to Papdale Primary School was also of benefit to many parents.

Hayley Green,Head of IT and Facilities at OIC   said:

“The future of the building was brought up during our Community Conversations public meetings earlier this year, with the public keen to see the Council take some action on the building.

“Since it closed in 2013, the building has suffered several security breaches, break ins, vandalism and malicious acts resulting in an increasing unsightly appearance and revenue expenditure on unplanned maintenance, such as securing windows and door openings and boarding up broken glazing. The Council has put in place security measures to minimise this risk until the building can be demolished.”

The demolition is estimated to cost £2.5million to be completed by 2022.

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