Reading Beyond The Headlines

Editorial By Fiona Grahame

Orkney News logoThe Orkney News has no pay wall. It is free to access and you can search through all its archives to find what it has published at any time since its formation.

It was a key founding principle that The Orkney News, a not for profit company,  would publish free to view articles which were, as far as we could establish – factual. Links are provided to other websites so that the reader can check things out for themselves.

The Orkney News also publishes a range of views – ones often not getting heard in Main Stream Media. These can be opinions about books, films, games, politics or anything else a contributor wishes to send into us. The only stipulation we have is that they are not promoting ‘hate’. They will be clearly marked ‘Views’ or ‘Letters’.

If you are someone who only reads the Headlines then you will not have got this far. But you are not one of those. You are curious, interested and wish to check things out for yourself.

That is why The Orkney News will continue to publish a range of views and articles where you can fact check, take part in consultations, share your views and engage with the issues which are affecting your community.


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  1. It was worth reminding folk about this, Fiona.
    More power to your collective elbows, ethics, and general approach.

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