Poetry Corner: House For Sale

By Richard Wallace

House for sale,

looks like bad news

coming down the street again,

just when I made a friend.

I should have known

it wouldn’t last.


House for sale,

memories in boxes,

that’s the hardest part.

Which one would hold my heart?

It would be that one marked


that’s for sure.


A mum and dad

so very sad,

children crying in their bedrooms

and very sad all day.

It’s a sign that hearts can fail

when you see a sign that says,

“House for Sale”

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  1. I can’t help myself – relentless optimism and positivity! – ‘House for Sale’ can also mean a new start – something good happening – a long-awaited addition to the family – needing more space for all sorts of reasons – all sorts of good things.
    I can’t help myself – that was my first response to this poem – it’s how I survive!
    Not knocking the poem – not at all – just – I go for the positive – I learnt where negativity can take a person – and vowed to go for the positive. It’s true though – ‘House for Sale’ can mean great things happening – excitement.
    Here’s an example –


    Our move to Orkney – best thing we ever did!

    It also reminds me of ‘Love Chronicles’ by Al Stewart….

    “I can remember the first girl I kissed
    It was Christine when I was ten
    I’d been told we were moving away
    I thought I’d never see her again
    Oh don’t forget me
    I’ll be back when they let me
    Before you learn how to lie when you’re leaving
    Love is so much easier then.”

    And that, brings back the memory of seeing Al Stewart, in Bradford University Union, in about…1973/74. So, the poem produced good memories, even if not such a great reaction! We can’t agree on everything – that would be strange!

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