Supporting Young People into Work

waitressThere are key transitions in life. In the education sector pupils and students receive a lot of help and support when moving from one sector of the system to another. A Job Grant would give practical financial support for 16 – 24 year olds moving into employment.

The grant would help those moving from a period without work with travel costs, clothing, lunches or other costs. It would just take that bit of pressure off and give someone the financial support at the time they need it.

The proposal is to have a   one-off cash payment of £250, or £400 for a young person with children, which will be available to those between 16-24 who were out of paid work for six months prior to finding employment. Care leavers would be eligible for up to age 25.

The Scottish Government has a consultation open to gather views on the new payment which would be delivered through Social Security Scotland. The consultation is open until 9th of April 2019.

“The purpose of this consultation is to seek views on the key eligibility criteria and our proposal for the format of the payment for the Job Grant. We also want to identify any unintended consequences of our proposals.”

Link to the consultation and relevant information here: Job Grant Consultation

Nick Young, General Manager at the Scottish Government funded StartScotland, said:

“This new grant, alongside the other measures being implemented by the Scottish Government, is a welcome addition for Scotland.

“We know that re-entering the workplace, or even finding employment for the first time, can be a tricky time for people. So anything that supports people as they make the transition can only be a good thing.

“Fair Start Scotland is delivering a fantastic service to help people with disabilities and health issues gain the right skills they need to find and maintain that all important job.”


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