Greens Secure £1million More For OIC in Scottish Budget

John FinnieThe Scottish Greens reached agreement with Scottish Ministers on the Draft Scottish Budget. Today’s deal will mean Orkney Islands Council will have a funding package worth up to an extra £1 million as a direct result of the Green deal.

Scottish Government Ministers are promising that in return for Green support they will amend their spending plans. Compared with the plans set out in the SNP’s budget in December, local councils will have access to a package worth over £200million to spend as they see fit.

Local MSP John Finnie, Scottish Greens said:

“The public rely on local services such as schools and social care, and local facilities such as sports centres and libraries. Today’s Green budget deal means that Orkney Islands Council now has an additional £1 million to protect these services and the jobs of front line workers.

“It’s welcome that after consistent Green pressure the SNP Government has seen sense and committed to immediate action and longer-term reform.

“Scottish Greens will always be firm but constructive in these situations. Scrapping the Tories’ Council Tax is a historic victory. All parties now have an opportunity to help bring about a fairer system of funding essential local services.

“On top of recent reforms to Income Tax, today’s deal shows yet again Scottish Greens are leading the change, making Scotland the fairer country we know we can be.”

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