Scottish “Ministers are negating their responsibilities ” on Drone Disruption

David Stewart MSPLocal MSP David Stewart, Labour has criticised the Scottish Government over its reaction to airport security and the threat of drone disruption.

David Stewart, asked Michael Matheson,Transport Secretary what discussions the Scottish Government has had with the UK Government, the MoD and the Airport Operators Association regarding measures to prevent drones grounding flights in Scotland.

David Stewart said:

“It appears that the Scottish Government, which owns two airport companies in Scotland, including Highlands and Islands Airports Limited, is leaving this to Westminster to sort out.

“Yes, this is a reserved matter but I think Ministers are negating their responsibilities by just seeking an update from Westminster.

“Some might argue, ‘oh it won’t happen here’ but we can’t be complacent. There needs to be a strategy in place in case it does, especially for the Highlands and Islands where our 11 airports are vital to the economic and social welfare of the region. And, our airports might need more support for this security threat.”

The Scottish Government is awaiting an update from the UK Government over the issue.

The UK Government is planning to release a consultation on drones before the end of February and is set to publish a draft bill by May.

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  1. At least David acknowledges that this is a ‘RESERVED MATTER’, so, ho obviously knows but fails to state that the Scottish Government can’t move on this until Wastemonster does. He also failed to mention to you that his fellow Labour MP’s in Wastemonster BLOCKED every attempt to send these sort of powers to Scotland in the Scotland Bill following the Smith Commission.

  2. This has to be a comedy post.
    Complaining about why the SG are doing nothing about a reserved matter which he admits isn’t a issue.
    Can we include the SG’s lack of activity on the threat of asteroid strikes and alien abductions, please? We can’t be complacent……

    • Eamonn, relax it’s just Labour’s Scottish subsidiary grovelling about looking for diversions from their head offices inability to come-up with a coherent policy on Brexit.

      • Oh I know, Charles.
        When you don’t need to worry too much
        about thinking up policies you have to try that much harder to fill the day. I’m glad my taxes are
        being used so effectively.
        I bet various Edinburgh hotels think that too.
        The UK is about to crash out of Europe, Labour
        have tied themselves to the party of austerity,
        Scotland is being ignored, but you still need
        to highlight the big issues locally

        * Note- may contain traces of sarcasm.

  3. maybe there isn’t the same interest in causing ‘diversions’ in Scotland as there is across the border.

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