What is Resilo?

By Emma Jayne

Resilo comes from the Latin verb resilire which means: ‘to resile ‘, ‘to spring back’ or ‘to resume its original form or position’.

  • Resilo
  • Effectively releases
  • Stress from the body by
  • Introducing wave motion to
  • Let go of tension in
  • Order to heal

Resilo is a very simple but highly effective holistic therapy. It uses a gentle rocking motion which directly soothes the nervous system.  This unique ‘wave motion system’ instructs the body to let go of tension and any additional ‘holdings’.  It enables the body to regain its own natural rhythm and movement.  Energy can flow freely again.  Past and present injuries can heal.  Function will restore. Aches and pains will be eased or disappear.

Resilo works on the soft tissues of the body (muscle and fascia tissues) and focuses on freeing up the main cross roads (hips, shoulders and neck).  It uses various techniques such as wave motion and pressure points (nerve points as defined by Sir Henry Head, 1889).  It is highly effective and has a systematic approach.  Resilo is given through the clothes by using only the therapist’s hands.

Wondering if Resilo is right for you?

The answer is simple, from Aches and Pains to Breaks and Sprains, from anxiety, to Fibromyalgia, to pregnancy, whatever you have going on…. Resilo can be an effective tool in taking the stress away, as it’s all about releasing tension from the body…. come see me and see for yourself. Any worries or concerns, just get in touch and we can have a chat…
Look forward to hearing from you 

I will be in Orkney and available for bookings from 05th– 09th March 2019.

I can be available for home visits or if that is not possible, then I will look into booking a slot at the Suilven Centre in Kirkwall for you.

If you are interested in finding out more or experiencing this technique, get in touch.

A full session, lasting approximately one hour is £40.00.

Phone anytime 😊

Emma – 07775 563 169



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