Poetry Corner: On Being  Hackneyed and Trite In The Industry of Death

By Richard Wallace


How about this:

Our thoughts and prayers

are with the victims

and their families.


How about this:

Guns don’t kill,

people do.


How about this:

Let this atrocity send a message

that it’s time to put a stop to all of this.


How about this:

This carnage must come to an end;

our children deserve to be safe


How about this:

It’s time our political leaders

stepped up to the plate.


How about this:

It’s my right to own a gun


How about this:

We must protect the second amendment.

Our founding fathers had it right.


How about this:

We must insure that our constitution,

any constitution,

remains frozen in time.


How about this:

Our firearms industry needs to grow

and flourish, consider jobs and profits.


How about this:

We must arm ourselves to the teeth,

the bigger the better


How about this:

Let’s consider a few small changes;

one step at a time.


How about this:

What a concept!


How about this:

Doesn’t this sound a little repetitive?

Kowhai Flowers (Sophora microphylla)

photo credit: Alan Vernon


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  1. I like how you start with the hackneyed phrases which are used when unreal people are faced with the ultimate reality which is death, then you go on, to the stock phrases about the ‘right’ to have guns ( ‘The right to bear arms, is as foolish as the right to arm bears.’).
    It’s another good poem. And Fiona has chosen just the right image to go with it – she’s good at that.

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