Support for Scots Studying in the EU

brexit-imageLeaving the EU without a deal could be disastrous for Scots students attending EU universities. If the UK crashes out of the EU on March 29th Scottish students could overnight be faced with bills for  international student fees, medical care and travel insurance.

The Scottish Government has assured students studying abroad that they will be able to apply to the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS)  for cost of living and tuition fee support if Brexit makes continuing their studies in the EU financially untenable, and they are unable to complete their degree.

Richard Lochhead, Further and Higher Education Minister in the Scottish Government said:

“The Scottish Government has been urgently working with the sector to prepare for students who may return to Scotland and to minimise any disruption to their studies.

“The Student Awards Agency for Scotland has provided clear information and guidance for students on their website, which will help guide them in transferring to a Scottish institution if that becomes necessary.”

SAAS Brexit Information

Richard Lochead continued:

“I want to offer reassurance to those students. If you left Scotland to study in the EU, and Brexit means you are forced to give up your studies, we guarantee to provide student support and tuition fees to eligible students so you can study here in Scotland. That is a guarantee you can bank on in these uncertain times.”

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  1. I have the opposite problem.

    Teaching in a faculty of medicine in an EU University I often have trainee health professionals asking me about going to work in the UK.

    Given the Brexit debacle, I have to advise them to consider other options (e.g. ireland, malta, the scandinavian countries that are 100% EU countries) for recognition of their degrees, personal and career satisfaction/advancement etc, .

    I would love to advise them to apply to Scotland, knowing Scotland would welcome them with open arms, that it is a good place to work in and that the Scots are a hospitable and friendly people.

    But in all conscience,until the position of Scotland about independence and remaining in the EU has been clarified, I cannot tell them that it’s a good place to go to for their personal and professional futures

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