Problems for Wello’s Penguin Wave Energy Device

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney reports that the Wello Penguin device is no longer visible at the Billia Croo test site.

wello Penguin

EMEC state:

“As part of the ongoing operational monitoring an issue was identified on Monday and following inspection it was confirmed that the device was taking on water. The device has been closely monitored over the last few days, and remains attached to its moorings at Berth 5 however is no longer visible.”

Wello aims to enable about 10% of worldwide clean energy production by 2050 and claims  the Penguin is :

“the most durable, efficient device on the market capable of harnessing the power of ocean waves. Wello is soon starting their funding round at Invesdor.”

This confirms the importance of the EMEC site in testing wave devices in the most challenging conditions.

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  1. Aw man, I didn’t hear about this. I suppose it’s to be expected when trying to roll out new technology in the ocean. Wave energy has so much potential as a source of clean electricity. I just hope that this setback doesn’t affect the Penguin’s funding. I wrote an article recently on wave and tidal energy if anyone here wants to read up about it. Thanks for the update!

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