Scottish Government to Introduce Legislation to Protect Scots Law

The Scottish Government has ‘reluctantly’ decided not to reconsider The Continuity Bill.

The Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly passed The Continuity Bill which would have protected the powers devolved to the parliament and ensured that the Scottish economy  and society was buffered from the worst aspects of a hard Brexit. The UK Government challenged this in the Supreme Court. The Scottish Parliament can only pass Bills –  for them to become Acts they have to be consented to by the UK Parliament – to receive Royal Assent.

In the passage of time over that taking  place the House of Lords altered the UK Withdrawal Bill which then was passed with Royal Assent. This Act now applied to devolved matters and this   ensured  The Continuity Bill was neutered . Although the Scottish Parliament had been perfectly within its rights to pass The Continuity Bill when it did because The Withdrawal Act had now been passed it basically had been rendered toothless. The Scottish Parliament refused to give its consent to The Withdrawal Act.

The Scottish Government now intends to develop arrangements that go towards safeguarding environmental and animal welfare standards which are currently applied. It also wishes to protect the position of Scots Law and to keep “pace with EU law in new legislation.”

Michael Russell  Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in EuropeIn a letter to the Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament, Ken Macintosh-  Michael Russell,  the Scottish Government’s Constitutional Relations Secretary states:

“We must therefore move forward, though exactly how we do that is still not clear owing to the chaos that continues to surround the UK Government’s handling of the EU exit process.”

In the future what this all means is that no matter what Bills the Scottish Parliament votes for,  the UK Parliament, if it doesn’t like them, can simply amend the Scotland Act and the Bills will be invalid.

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Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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  1. “In the passage of time over that taking place the House of Lords altered the UK Withdrawal Bill which then was passed with Royal Assent. This Act now applied to devolved matters and this ensured The Continuity Bill was neutered .”

    That’s just sneaky – sneaky, sneaky, sneaky.
    If you find that you can’t trust someone – then the sensible course of action, is to have as little as possible to do with them.
    It can be hard to make the split – but it’s better for your peace of mind and wellbeing, in the long run.

  2. All this Brexit lark supposedly because we didn’t want to be ruled by a nonelected EU. Well answer me this. Who Elected the House of Lords ? The double standards and Lies from Westminster leave me baffled. The world has now seen them for what they are.

  3. This surely cannot be right or acceptable , as has been pointed out , the continuity bill had basically been parked in a layby whilst the house of LARDS , an unelected cabal of parasitical troughers had the ability to cobble together and amend the article 50 withdrawal legislation and hurriedly submit it for royal assent thereby negating the LEGAL continuity bill . Firstly the queen of Scots should have asserted her position and refused to sign the amended article 50 withdrawal bill and should have insisted that the continuity bill be presented and signed first thereby protecting the citizens of Scotland that she supposedly represents

    The supreme Court in accepting the legality of all but one of the items in the continuity bill should have been outraged at this BLATANT subversion of democracy , and should have advised the SG to take their case to the International Court of Justice to EXPOSE the duplicitous corrupt actions of an establishment intent on keeping Scotland servile and colonised

    I personally think that the Scottish Government should continue with exposing this diabolical theft of our democratic rights and refer it and fight it in the ICJ

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