Where The Wild Things Are……..

By Bernie Bell

One day last week, Mike saw a Heron standing by the pond in our garden. We were pleased – another wild visitor.  Then, yesterday, I was looking out the window, and saw an odd-looking bird flying over, across next-door’s garden. I got my binoculars, and could see that it was the Heron.  It landed, just about the middle of our garden, to the left of the pond, and it just stood there – posing. With my bins, I could see all its  markings – a handsome bird. Don’t know if it’s male or female, as …we don’t know how to tell, with Herons!

It stood for a bit, then took off again.  I wondered why it just stood, then realised that there are probably frogs in the grass – dispersing after their mating frenzies!  If the heron stood very still, it would have more luck with its hunting.   I also wondered if maybe it’s becoming a regular visitor?

And then, at quarter to seven this morning………………there it was again, right by the pond, and I took a pic.

We’re calling it  Kraak – could be male, or female.

Give the wild things a space, and a place to be, and they’ll come.

Heron Bell

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  1. Bernie, have you ever read the book, ‘The Flight of The Heron’ can’t remember the authors name but set around ‘The 45’ and aftermath but an excellent read.

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