Orkney event to support people with vision loss

By Nick Morrison

This event was very well attended. There were people from the Macular Society to talk to as well as a range of electronic and optical magnifiers with a rep from the company explaining them.

sight loss 1

A small electronic magnifier which you can run over printed page.

Mr Furze of the Macular Society showed me an ordinary smart phone equipped with a free app which tuned into a handy electronic magnifier.

sight loss 2

A small electronic magnifier

There was a range of small booklets covering such subjects as:-

  • Age-related Macular degeneration and the macular society
  • Nutrition and eye health
  • Visual hallucinations
  • Driving
  • Using technology

There are 2 types of macular degeneration , wet and dry. Wet can be treated especially if caught early, dry cannot , all you can do is to retard its getting worse by diet and supplements in some cases.

sight loss 3

Most of this range of optical magnifiers are available from the NHS

The prices of the electronic aids on display went from £250 to £2500.

sight loss 4

Top of the range of electronic magnifiers. We were in the downstairs lobby and the directionally movable camera was pointed at the window. We are looking at the front face of the cathedral across the road! Another use for this kit is to point it at your face. The magnified image of your face appears on the screen, ideal for shaving, doing your hair, applying makeup and the like.

There are people out there who are willing to help.

I have a touch of  the dry  version myself.

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