“Using the Time Wisely?”

Michael Russell, Constitutional Relations Secretary in the Scottish Government has repeated what the FM Nicola Sturgeon said in her letter to PM Theresa May to ‘use the time wisely’ in the months afforded by the extension to the deadline for Brexit.

The date of the UK leaving the EU has yet again been extended this time to 31st of October. 

Theresa May told the House of Commons:

” Let’s use the opportunity of the recess to reflect on the decisions that will have to be made swiftly on our return after Easter.

“And let us then resolve to find a way through this impasse so that we can leave the European Union with a deal as soon as possible, so that we can avoid having to hold those European Parliamentary Elections, and above all so that we can fulfil the democratic decision of the referendum, deliver Brexit and move our country forward.”

The EU Elections are now set to be held in the UK on Thursday 23rd of May.

Michael Russell said:

Michael Russell  Minister for UK Negotiations on Scotland’s Place in Europe““Taking us out of a market around eight times bigger than the UK will cost jobs, make people poorer, and undermine the democratic decision of the people of Scotland to remain in the European Union.

“The Scottish Government set out compromise plans that would keep both Scotland and the UK in the Single Market but these were dismissed out of hand by the UK Government.”

It was back on June 23rd 2016 that the UK voted in the EU referendum with a turnout of 72.2%.

In the UK as a whole the result was:

  • Leave: 17,410,742 (51.9%)
  • Remain: 16,141,241 (48.1%)

Both Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar voted Remain, England and Wales voted Leave.

Brexit result

By Mirrorme22 Nilfanion: English and Scottish council areas TUBS: Welsh council areas Sting: Gibraltar via Wikimedia Commons

The UK Government has issued extensive advice on what to do should Brexit take place and in particular should there be a hard Brexit.

A Hard Brexit would happen if the UK left the EU without a deal being agreed.

Orkney To Be Hardest Hit By A No Deal Brexit

Although it is agreed by most elected politicians that a No Deal Brexit would be a disaster for the UK,  both the House of Commons and the devolved administrations have closed for their Easter holidays. The House of Commons is due to return on 23rd of April with the devolved administrations (except Northern Ireland) also returning that same week.

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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