Funding to Continue for EU Students in Scotland

eu-heartThe Scottish Government will continue to support EU citizens who study a Further or Higher education course in Scotland in the 2020/21 academic year.

They will be charged the same tuition fees and will get the same fee support as Scottish students for the entirety of their courses. For most EU students this will mean free tuition.

Richard Lochhead,Further and Higher Education Minister in the Scottish Government said:

“I am pleased to be able to confirm that we will continue to fund EU citizens who want to come here to study and I would encourage anyone thinking about their education to consider coming to Scotland.

“Brexit remains the greatest threat facing our colleges and universities and I hope that, in a time of uncertainty, this announcement will provide the clarity that our academic institutions need to plan for the 2020/21 academic year.”

Liam McCabe, NUS Scotland President, said:

“International students – whether from the EU or elsewhere – make huge social, cultural and economic contributions to their communities, our universities and colleges, and to Scotland as a whole. It’s right that the Scottish Government takes steps to ensure Scotland remains an attractive, welcoming place to study with opportunities for students across the world.”

Further information can be found here:  Student Awards Agency for Scotland website

There are 19 universities in Scotland listed here: Scotland’s Universities

Or you can choose one of Scotland’s many colleges: Colleges in Scotland

Tuition Fees in Scotland

Scottish students have their tuition fees paid for them by the SAAS. It can be up to £1,820 per year for tuition. The Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) will pay this in full for those eligible. Application must be made every year to SAAS for them to do this.

Tuition Fees in England,Northern Ireland and Wales

At English and Northern Irish universities, tuition fees are up to £9,250 per year.

At Welsh universities  tuition fees are up to £9,000.

Applications must be made every year to the  SAAS  for a loan to help with the fees.

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