Arctic Return Expedition: Easter Update

John Rae statue by sculptor Ian ScottThe Arctic Return Expedition following in the footsteps of Orcadian Dr John Rae is forging on with their adventure. The difficulties they are sharing on their Facebook page and the blog goes to show how incredible the exploration and mapping of Dr John Rae was in 1854.

The Arctic Return team which set off :David Reid, Garry Tutte, Frank Wolf and Richard Smith, is now down to David and Richard.

They send in the location of where they are via a MapShare site using an inReach Satellite communicator.

Here’s an idea of what that looks like  with a wee text message – but you can find it all on the Facebook page.

David Reid 1

And this gives you more of an idea of where that location is

David Reid 2

To discover more about their expedition click onto the website:  The 2019 Arctic Return Expedition

You can find out more about the John Rae Society here and its work to restore his birthplace – the Hall of Clestrain. John Rae Society

Hall of Clestrain

Handing over the keys (B Bell) The Hall of Clestrain, Orphir, Orkney – home of John Rae and his family, now undergoing restoration.


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