Combining Science and Knitting

Knitting and woolProfessor Jan Skakle and a group of colleagues from the University of Aberdeen decided to mark the International Year of the Periodic Table by knitting the table element by element and asking others to get involved.

Professor Skakle hoped to create a blanket which could then be sold, with funds raised going to local charity, Aberdeen Cyrenians, however so many knitters were keen to get involved that she has decided to keep the project going for longer and work is now underway on a second table.

With the first blanket nearly complete, the woolly version of the Periodic Table will be unveiled at this year’s May Festival, during the ‘Ah! The Element of Surprise’ event, which takes place on Sunday, May 26 at Noon.

Professor Skakle said:

“It is the International Year of the Periodic Table as it has been 150 years since Mendeleev produced the first recognisable version of the Periodic Table and  we are celebrating in many different ways, including the knitting project.

“I have been overwhelmed by the response we have received so far, and we already have volunteers for one complete table and are now working on producing a second. It has been great to see how enthusiastic people are about the project. We’re just asking people to use up any wool they may have, and as such we now have a beautiful, colourful table.

“Knitting is a great activity in terms of mindfulness, and many people find it relaxing so I’m hoping by taking part our knitters are enjoying that aspect of the project as well as feeling a sense of satisfaction at helping to create such a splendid looking Periodic Table.  We are also providing information on each completed element through social media and encouraging volunteers to find out about their elements too.

“There are still some elements waiting to be added to the project, so we would be delighted to hear from anyone else who would like to get involved.”

If you would like to knit an element : email

saying how many elements or blanks you would like to knit and the team will send you the knitting pattern/grid, along with details of where to send your finished product.

For more information visit KnitFest2019

Knitting and wool

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