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sgathaich bannerWell it’s time to go back, back far, back before Doom. To one of its precursors. That’s right, anyone coming off of Avengers Endgame it’s time for some Nazi killing fun in Wolfenstein 3D.

Wolfenstein 3D came out in 1992 a year before Doom.

Based off the old 1981 game Castle Wolfenstein but reimagined into one of, if not the first person shooter (go look that up for yourself, go on I’ll wait). You play as William “B.J.” Blazkowicz who has been captured by those pesky Nazi’s and imprisoned in Castle Wolfenstein. So you escape, get a gun and start killing Nazis.

wolfenstein 3D
The game plays very much like a proto Doom. you only have around 4 different weapons, a knife for if you run out of ammo, a pistol, a machine gun and the chain gun as your best one all – using the same ammo. The amount of enemies is also considerably limited, in the first episode you only get 3 plus the boss (please note I mean 3 different types rather than only 3 enemies) these are standard Nazi guard, a stronger blue shirted one with a machine gun, and dogs. Later chapters do add some more enemies but it’s not much and nothing compared to the variety of Doom.

The game itself felt slower than Doom, though that could also be attributed to the game being based on a more stealth game than the rocking shooter of demon killing. This however can be very annoying, A lot of enemies tend to be hidden right next to doors and you can’t see or shoot them till you go through, made worse by the closer enemies are to you the more damage you take even from the standard pistol of a regular Nazi guard.

Wolfenstein 3D 2
Each level is filled with secrets so first time you’re probably running up against most walls, pressing the door opening button, hearing the annoying grunt in the hopes you hear a click an it opens to reveal a chain gun early.

Though a precursor definitely you can’t play this like Doom, you can’t strafe, turning takes a little bit longer, you don’t have explosives and you will probably be shot to pieces by Nazis if you run through doors. That being said, name one other game that has the final boss be Hitler in a mech suit? (Unless you count that after that is 3 prequel missions but most people focus on mecha Hitler)

Rating:  spear spear spear spear


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