Orkney Greens Welcome Orkney’s Climate Change Emergency Declaration

Orkney Islands Council has officially declared a Climate Change Emergency at a meeting of the council on Tuesday 14th of May. This comes shortly after a similar statement was made by Leader of the Council James Stockan to OIC on 2nd of May. Orkney Unveils Ambitious Community Wind Farm Project

Orkney Islands Council’s declaration can be heard here at 1:59:40 Special General Meeting 14th of May 2019 


The announcement has been welcomed by the Orkney Greens . Councillor  Steve Sankey,  Orkney Greens Co-convenor said:

“Orkney is well-placed to lead Scotland in showing how a carbon-neutral economy can be won from the Green opportunities of the future.

“In Orkney we have wind and tidal assets that can underpin other changes that we will need to make in our more traditional sectors of the economy in the immediate years ahead.

“A new Green Deal is required, with capital investment in transport such as Green ferries and buses, and employment opportunities in renewables and green tourism. A Clean and Green Orkney should show Scotland the way ahead.”

OIC has committed to building on its current commitment in its Council Plan for a ‘vibrant carbon neutral economy which supports local businesses’. It has also pledged to work with partners to identify and implement actions our community can take to contribute to carbon reduction.

Steve  Sankey said:
“I’d like to thank lots of people in Orkney that have made this declaration possible. Everything progressed from the Climate Change Strike in March at Kirkwall Grammar School that Rachel Evans organised, and about 350 pupils attended. Then Extinction Rebellion Orkney held a series of events and meetings to raise the profile of the issue.”

Extinction Rebellion Held in Orkney

XR Orkney 3

Councillor Sankey also praised the Leader of OIC James Stockan for his leadership on environmental issues and proposed the setting up of a  Citizen’s Assembly on Climate Change

“as a way to involve our communities in this issue in the immediate months and years ahead.”

His remarks were supported by  Helen Woodsford-Dean, Co – convener of the Orkney Greens. She said:

“In two short years, Steve has worked tirelessly with his colleagues in the Scottish Parliament, and his fellow councillors to secure £7.7 million for Orkney through Green budgetary negotiations with the Scottish Government.

“In Orkney he has pushed for the adoption of the UN’s Principles of Responsible Investment with both OIC’s Investment and Pension Committees, and has now helped with the Climate Change Emergency Declaration. “

Helen added:

“We’d like all Orcadians to consider voting Green in the Euro elections next week, to ensure that Green issues such as climate change continue to be prioritised by the European Parliament.”

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