By Bernie Bell

Pics by B&M Bell

Why do people dislike dandelions so much?  I know they can be a bit thuggish – but – I like them when they are the sun

dandelion Bell

And I like them when they are the moon

You could learn to love, or at least live with, your dandelions – they’re not there for long.

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  1. Not to mention the fact that every part of the dandelion can be eaten – just google “Health benefits of dandelion greens” or anything similar!

  2. Mike’s Dad used to purposely grow a row of dandelions, in his veg patch. He didn’t let them flower or go to seed – just used them as salad leaves. This was a throw-back to the war, when folk grew, and ate, anything they could.

    And it’s not just people who benefit – a few days ago, I watched a Linnet, in our meadow, pulling the ‘clock’ off a dandelion, then, delicately, eating the seeds. A feast, for a Linnet!

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