Stuart Blackwood & Maggie Milner Exhibition at the Northlight Gallery

Stuart is showing photographs from his series, ‘Discovering The Invisible’ and Maggy digital photomontages from her series ‘Rise and Fall’. The exhibition opens on Saturday 29th of June running till 9th of July.


Stuart’s photographs of Southwell Minster always show it semi-hidden. The series was inspired by three postcards of views of the Minster on sale in the shop. They were reproductions of paintings (one by JMW Turner) done when the Minster stood, enormous within its graveyard, in fields full of sheep and cattle. Nowadays, with trees everywhere obscuring those views, Stuart has had another look at/for the Minster.


Maggy’s digital montages reveal disquieting vistas with inexplicable veins of dark humour. She describes them as “Dystopia with a twist of lemon” and says, “for millions of years humanity has survived because of the natural world, but we have also exploited, abused and caused immeasurable harm. We live in a world of instability, change and precarious risk. Nothing is fixed but constantly moving, changing, attempting to maintain an equilibrium. For a few years now I have been exploring these notions … risk, balancing acts, Flux and flow…”

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