David Stewart MSP Slams Scotland’s New Planning Bill

David Stewart MSPLocal MSP David Stewart, Labour , has slammed Scotland’s new Planning Bill echoing the words of Andy Wightman of the Scottish Greens by calling it an ‘SNP-Tory’ stitch up.

David Stewart says that  the SNP and Scottish Conservatives joined forces to block Labour’s plans to secure the power for a community right of appeal as well as remove key changes made by MSPs at an earlier stage.

Mr Stewart said that Labour’s amendments would have given local people more say over decisions made in their areas.

The SNP and Tory MSPs voted against the proposals to reform the planning appeal system and David Stewart accuses them of ‘choosing instead to side with big developers.’

Labour pushed for amendments to:

  • Give communities a right of appeal on proposed developments
  • Secure more protections for live music venues
  • Require the Scottish Government to legislate for land value sharing to allow for more public sector led development and increasing land values to be invested in communities.
  • Put public health at the heart of the planning system

David Stewart continued:

“The Planning Bill has become an SNP-Tory stitch up which fails to deliver transformative change.

“The SNP has teamed up with the Tories to push through their timid approach to planning reform, blocking the chance to give local people more say in decisions about our local area.

“It’s a shameful missed opportunity.

“SNP Ministers have failed to read the public mood on planning and have chosen to side with big developers over local people.”

You can read more about the Planning Bill by clicking on this link: Planning Bill Delivers More Local Control

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