Against The Tides

Own Your Destiny

Directed by BAFTA-nominated Stefan Stuckert, Against The Tides, will be showing on Thursday 18th of July at the Phoenix Cinema, Pickaquoy, Kirkwall.

Against the Tides 1

The film follows British marathon swimmer Beth French who wants to swim across seven of the world’s most dangerous sea-channels – an extreme challenge called Oceans Seven – and do it in record time: within one year.

Driven to set an example for her autistic son and by her battle with a life-long, debilitating illness, Beth travels to far-flung corners of the world confronting jellyfish, sharks, wild weather, hypothermia and mind-numbing fatigue.

Against the Tides 2

But, in an unpredictable and emotional climax, Beth’s burning desire to conquer the open sea comes into heart-rending conflict with a mother’s dreams for her son.

Against The Tides has 2 showings in the Phoenix Cinema on Thursday 18th at 12.30 and in the evening at 8.30pm.


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