July’s Military Breakfast Club

By Nick Morrison   Photos By Kenny Armet

Vets July 1

There were 18 of us on Saturday morning including the Dutch Aunt of Albert .

Vets July 3

Don’t know what prompted this but there was discussion on what is worn underneath the kilt. Apparently in the Seaforth Highlanders it was common practice for a senior NCO to check with a mirror on a stick . However if the Queen was on parade they were ordered to wear underpants !

Vets July 2


Finally I showed my brother and sisterhood these pictures of a Land Rover based camper I spotted.

camper van N Morrison

The front-end reminded me of the old military short wheelbase Land Rover and the back end of a Land Rover ambulance . Colin even produced a picture of that version on his phone and they weren’t quite the same but all agreed that the back end was certainly Land Rover.



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