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sgathaich bannerI’ve talked about Isekai series before with my reviews of KonoSuba and Overlord. But Kadokawa Corporation is also responsible for publishing other famus Isekai anime series based on light novels, The Saga of Tanya the Evil and Re:Zero. Imagine if all those series met up Avengers style, now replace saving the universe from Thanos with funny High School antics all while the characters are chibis. You now have Isekai Quartet which was in my opinion the best anime of the previous anime season.

So once again. Isekai is a genre where a character is whisked to another world thus making world building rather natural as characters in this world can explain it to the lead character and not come off as odd that they would have to explain things to someone who should really know all this.

Each of the 4 series originally had a little chibi side series to go with them such as Overlord’s one focusing on the maids. Each of the series used the same art style of chibis for these so having them appear together isn’t so odd. (go look for them online sadly I don’t think they ever got official releases Tanya’s and Overlords are probably the best).

So plot (yes there is one) the casts of the 4 series in their respective worlds each find a strange box with a button on it, and either accidentally or not it is pressed warping them to the weird school where they are all suddenly in the same class. Naturally they all find this really weird as it didn’t affect their minds in anyway (no really it didn’t) thus meaning you have a cast of monsters (Overlord) people from a magical version of WW1 (Tanya, I’ll get to reviewing that eventually), a cast of bumbling adventurers (Konosuba) and the colourful cast from the series Re Zero (I have it on DVD I’ll get to that one too) and so we sit back and enjoy the fun show.

Yes really just sit back and enjoy the characters interacting with one another. Watch everyone’s horror at how perverted darkness is. Aqua attempting to kill Ainz at every step. The wonderful friendship of Ainz and Tanya and why Subaru needs to be really careful in how he describes his life in front of others (while missing out the most important detail which once again I’ll get to when I review that series).

Isekai Quartet 2
Sadly this does mean you kind of will need some previous experience with the 4 shows before you can get the most out of Isekai quartet. Much like the Avengers it’s so much better to know the characters individually before showing them up against other very prominent characters ( Cap 3 Civil War is so much better if you are up to date with Iron Man and Cap’s journey).

I feel the Re Zero cast as a whole come off as the weakest even though one of them is the teacher, they still have good moments (Rem is as cute as ever) but their niceness comes off as being less prominent in the sillier play offs. Still Rem is fun to see on screen when people realize just how strong she actually is.

Now many of you are wondering “but wait, in Overlord Ainz was able to crush people to death effortlessly even though it wasn’t his strong point because he was so ludicrously op” well that gets addressed in episode 2 in a rather amusing observation so don’t worry about  it.

As long as you have even glanced these shows before this one will give you a good smile at the least and a laugh or two. In what was a rather barren season these short 14 minute episodes never failed to be a point of enjoyment for me each week so I was very happy to see after the end credits of the last episode a season 2 announced and more students.Will we see characters from a 5th Isekai? Or maybe will some of the major prominent characters still missing by the end show up ( Wiz and Sebas are no shows so far) who knows but I will be there to check it out when it appears. No really it’s all fun chibis.

Isekai Quartet
Side note: Should have done this instead of that Star Trek review, kind of messed up my schedule in my head.

Rating: spear  spear spear spear spear


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