Councils Receive Share of Crown Estate Revenues of £7.5million

Orkney is to receive £773,673.43 as its allocation from Crown Estate revenues. The total which will benefit  Scotland’s islands and coastal areas is £7.5million distributed to 26 Local Authorities. Shetland will receive £1,008,679.18.

This is the first year of the arrangements as The Scottish Crown Estate Act takes effect. Scottish Crown Estate Bill Passed

 Roseanna CunninghamRoseanna Cunningham Land Reform Secretary, in the Scottish Government said:

“The new funding arrangement will see coastal communities receive 100% of revenue generated from the Estate’s marine assets out to 12 nautical miles around Scotland, enabling them to better fund and support local projects and initiatives.

“This government is delivering on our commitment to bring financial benefits to communities from the Scottish Crown Estate marine assets and enabling more decisions to be taken at the local level.  I look forward to seeing how councils use this exciting opportunity to benefit to their coastal communities.”

The distribution of the funds which is done with the agreement of the local authority umbrella organisation COSLA  will be reviewed.

Westray boats

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  1. “enabling them to better fund and support local projects and initiatives.”

    Such as farm museums? Farming and fishing – the mainstays of island life.


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