Planning For A Future Stromness

Planning for Stromness is about to take another step forward with the publication later this month of the Local Place Plan.

Underpinning the Plan is the vision :

“Stromness is well established as a hub for pioneering energy technology, as a location for international arts, and as a quality tourist and vibrant shopping destination. Its rich heritage and deep-rooted fishing and marine history have been embraced and enhanced for the benefit of all”

Several rounds of community engagements facilitated by PAS have led up to the point where the community is ready to develop 1 or 2 projects first. What’s Next For Stromness – the ideas so far

The 6 Development Principles are to guide existing and future development of the town.

  1. Sustainablity: to be zero carbon by 2030
  2. A strong supported local economy: renewable energy,the arts, digital and fishing
  3. A vibrant town centre: more shops and eating places, reducing the number of empty shops, future development within walking/cycling distance from the centre.
  4. A quality design: reflecting local culture and which is colourful
  5. Multi functional play spaces: also food growing, conservation and accessible to all
  6. Community life: with a mixture of accommodation

The Plan will be available online from mid October once Orkney Islands Council and other stakeholders have been consulted.

Orkney Research and Innovation Campus Stromness

Orkney Research and Innovation Campus Stromness

All this will depend on funding and much of that did come from the EU in the past. With the UK set to leave the EU on 31st of October it is still not known if there will be the resources to fulfill the plan to make:

Stromness,  A Place to:

  • live
  • work
  • learn
  • visit
  • play
Stromness Folk Festival

Stromness Folk Festival


Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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