Are You Registered To Vote?

News From Orkney Islands Council

Reminders have now been sent to all properties in Orkney who have not yet responded to Electoral Registration Household Enquiry forms issued earlier this year.

The form gives details of all the existing electors in each household, and gives householders the opportunity to add any new electors in the property.

Dennis Stevenson, Electoral Registration Officer for Orkney: “If you receive a reminder, it is important that you respond to it to let us know that either there have been changes to the household, or that the details shown are correct. If you fail to respond you may find yourself unable to vote in future elections.”

Householders can respond either online, by text or phone, or by returning the form by post. All those resident and eligible to vote, and those who will turn 16 during the next year, should also be included when completing the household form.

Anyone with any queries should contact the Electoral Registration Office on 01856 876222 or email the Electoral Registration Office using this link.

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