Poetry Corner A Beautiful Thing

Our oft shared Poet Paul Colvin scribed this a week ago.


A Beautiful Thing

We’ve walked and talked the pathways
That covered this, our land
But carry on determined
And stride with pride in hand
We walked the royal mile
And polished every stone
The cobbles shone below us
And not once was I alone.

We dressed up as we wanted
In a carnival atmosphere
We demonstrated wildly
With some resolute balladeers,
The joyous laughter mingled
Leaving thoughts for absent friends
And the roads we walked together
Are ones where friendship never ends.

We carried every banner
And marched as though we’d won
Some flew the flags of countries
That are still being overrun
But the pipes and drums still play,
They will always play for me
For I walked with you my sisters
To set my brothers free.

Now my mind escapes to silence
To memories fresh and clear,
Independence came to me
When hope conquered my fear,
I live in no-one’s shadow
I know what hope can bring,
And the free thoughts now within this mind
Is such a beautiful thing.

Paul Colvin.

11th October 2019.


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