Waking up

He wakes up sad, not wanting to go out
And reluctantly gets ready for school.
He walks slowly, dreading the destination
When he arrives he keeps to himself.
He gets hurt, bullies insulting and kicking him
Nobody cares enough to stop it.
He walks straight home after school
He has nothing better to do.
His parents say goodnight, not really paying attention.

He lies awake, too much on his mind
He questions himself.
He lays pondering, wonders why he feels
Thinking it would be easy without them.
He wants to disappear, wants to go
Believing nothing would change.
He wants to end the pain, to stop the hurt
To stop feeling sadness and break free.
He doesn’t wake up in the morning.

She wakes up happy, ready to face the day
And excitedly gets ready for school
She walks slowly, loving every step she takes
When she arrives she talks with friends.
She’s not hurt, not anymore but they still try
She’s loved and supported, and thankful.
She hangs out with friends after school
They are preparing for a party.
Her parents say goodnight, loving their daughter.

She lies awake, thinking of her past
She doesn’t question anymore.
She lays quietly, thankful that she feels
Loving how euphoric she feels.
She wants to stay, thankful he’s gone
Now everything has changed.
She feels no pain, has no more hurt
She’s happy and free.
She woke up in the morning.


Bay of Hinderayre - sunrise

photo B Bell

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