David Stewart MSP Delighted at the Positive Response to The Ironworks Campaign

This week local MSP David Stewart, Labour met with Fiona Hyslop,Culture Secretary in the Scottish Government to discuss what progress had been made over the live music venue, The Ironworks in Inverness.

David Stewart MSP After the meeting David Stewart said:

“I asked for a meeting with the Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop because The Ironworks desperately needs her government’s support to secure its future, and I was delighted to pick up from our meeting this week a very positive sense that she is doing everything she can to open doors to opportunities.

“She knows grass roots music venues are disappearing at an alarming rate and that the loss of The Ironworks would speak volumes about the SNPs success at making sure areas like Inverness and the wider Highlands & Islands retain their creativity and culture vibrancy and continue boosting their night-time economies.”

ironworks David Stewart“There are still some practical things that we still need to get in place to help The Ironworks secure a new home, but I’m delighted with the fantastic support from all the agencies and I’ll be drawing everyone together at the end of next week for our second round of formal discussions. We all have the same objective in mind.

The Ironworks is important because it is committed to championing the new, local talent that relies on its 1000-capacity performance space to hone their skills. And I’m told its demise could even affect the area’s booming summer festival circuit because it is The Ironworks that is anchoring bands all-year-round and keeping that valuable network strong and contacts flowing.

“We all need to show our support to keep this vital venue going.

“Please sign my petition at www.change.org/p/cabinet-secretary-for-culture-tourism-and-external-affairs-fiona-hyslop-find-a-new-home-for-the-ironworks-live-music-venue-in-inverness



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