Maree Todd “The SNP has a strong record of delivering on police numbers and this is paying off”

Maree ToddLocal MSP, Maree Todd, SNP, has challenged the Tories to match the ambition shown by the Scottish Government  on police numbers.

New statistics laid bare the stark contrast between rising police numbers in Scotland since the SNP took power and sinking numbers in England and Wales under the Tories.

Since 2007, officer numbers have increased by 6.3% in Scotland. In England and Wales, numbers fell by 13.3% in the same time period.

There were 17,256 full-time equivalent (FTE) police officers in Scotland on 30 September 2019 and in the last year alone, officer numbers increased by 108 FTE officers or 0.6%.

Maree Todd said:

“The SNP has a strong record of delivering on police numbers and this is paying off.

“Crime is down 41% since the SNP came to office; my constituents are safer because of the Scottish Government’s ambitious and proactive approach to justice.

“Boris Johnson’s hollow electioneering does not stack up – his promised increase of 20,000 police officers does not redress the problems caused by the number of officers his party has cut since 2010.

“In terms of relative populations, England and Wales would need 27,000 more police officers to match Scotland.  The Tories are playing catch up but empty promises won’t bridge the gap.”

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  1. Aye Maree, if you believe the Tories but they and their partners in misinformation, namely the BBC & ITV you would think that we now have fewer officers than we did when we came to office. We’ve got to get these comparisons out there for the Scottish public and the English public to show by just how much the Tories are lying. You know as well as I do that if a Tory’s lips move, they’re lying!!!

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