A Merry Christmas to all our Readers

Oan frosty cauld December nichts

When munebeams cast their eerie lichts

Owre ruiftaps white wi glist’nin rime,

As ruiftaps are in winter time;

When frozen taes in icy buits

Wid drive a body oot their wits

An only fules are gaun aboot

As nae yin wise wi venter oot;

We lock the door, draw curtains ticht

An sit by fireside’s cheery licht.


Sic wintry nichts when oan oor ain,

Nae gangin oot, expectin nane,

Oor thochts can range the warld wide

Oan aw oor friends an whair they bide.

Comfy then wi wee libations,

Toastin a’ oor far relations,

We wish ye aw, in rhythmic rhyme,

Wi aw oor herts this festive time

The very best o Season’s cheer

Baith Christmas time an at New Year

(Christie Grahame)





Image by Louise Dav from Pixabay

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