Orkney Men’s Shed Refused Planning Permission

Orkney Men’s Shed is stunned by the decision by Orkney Islands Council to refuse planning permission  for installing a disabled toilet in their premises in Finstown .

Orkney Mens Shed

Morgan Harcus posted on social media the following statement:

“I have to report that THE ORKNEY ISLANDS COUNCIL have refused our planning application for disabled toilet and access along with a small store.

“The reason for refusal is on a road safety concern. We really can’t understand this as we only wanted to use this historic exit on two days a week for four BLUE BADGE HOLDERS that park on our private area.

“Five of our neighbours who have all asked the MEN’S SHED to help or do projects for them.

“We also undertook to do the road repairs at no cost to the residents.

“We will be going to appeal this decision as we are so happy in our Shed. We have at great cost made it comfortable for our members.

“If this all fails we will likely have to move – where to?

“That’s all for just now I will keep updating as information comes to hand.”

The Orkney Men’s Shed has helped many organisations and groups over the short time its has been established. Many of those projects for the community have been covered by The Orkney News. It should not be forgotten the tremendous job they have done renovating the premises they are in.  You can find all those stories by using our search engine.

This is the Orkney Men’s Shed delivering to the charity shop The Blue Door in Kirkwall the storage shed they made for them.

Even more importantly than the great work it does for the community is the Orkney Men’s Shed itself which provides a great supportive place for men to meet up, have a chat, a cuppa or a bowl of soup and even to pass on their skills.

Here are a few of the projects they have participated in.



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  1. I just wonder sometimes if these bureaucrats have got their collective heads stuck-up their own arses that they just can’t see how much this and every other ‘Men’s Shed’ are saving the NHS on mental health doctors and medicines – no they’re only interested in their petty rules and restrictions, which on a serious investigation would turn out to be NO RULE AT ALL but invented by the self-same bureaucrats to make their lives easier.

  2. What?…WHAT? Someone, somewhere in OIC is lacking in basic humanity. No, amend that, a lot of people, in a lot of offices in OIC, are lacking in basic humanity.
    A friend of mine, wishes ‘Instant Karma’ on people – usually, I disagree with him, as that’s not what Karma is about. In this case, the first thing that came to mind was – Instant Karma. Maybe one day, one of these ****_**** will need to use somewhere like the Men’s Shed.

    And yet, they gaily give permission for all sorts of excrescences.

    I’m going to stop now – I’ll leave this with John Lennon….


    Shine on – Orkney Men’s Shed – shine on!

  3. I am outraged at this nonsensical decision.
    I thought OIC couldn’t do any worse than not make the old Firth school buildings available for the Men’s Shed, but this decision ….. well words fail me.

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