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  1. Thank you Bernie for these lovely shots of the Loch of Stennes which brought back wonderful memories of my first proper visit in July 1970 to visit my late wife’s Aunt & Uncle, Molly & Dod Cowie, who was Master Brewer at the Scapa Distillery. We had planned for a couple of days and ended up staying ten. The pictures, well several mornings Dod and I were up at the back of three and off to the Loch for a mornings fishing for sea trout. I remember standing in my waders water up to my waist and my elation on hooking the first sea trout, it was a beauty weighing-in at 9.5lbs to be followed by a couple more, overall we brought home eight or nine good size fish and then sharing them out amongst Molly’s neighbours. Of course, Dod had brought our personal ‘central heating’ in a lemonade bottle, part of ‘The Angels Share’, LOL.

    Thanks again Bernie for allowing me to revisit those happy (hic) times.

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