Simplifying CAP Procedures for the Agricultural Sector

Common Agricultural Payments (CAP) are to be simplified as a task force has published its recommendations to the Scottish Government.

Included would be:

  • changes to online land mapping systems
  • appeals processing
  • capital grant rules standardised

Fergus EwingRural Economy Secretary in the Scottish Government, Fergus Ewing said:

“This report sets out how we might move beyond the current regulatory approach to providing support to farmers and crofters.

“I am pleased that the taskforce has recognised the need to provide industry with more flexibility, simplicity and support in areas that farmers and crofters have repeatedly highlighted as needing improvement.

“These recommendations have the potential to create a more farmer-focused approach, through a more proportionate approach to penalties and creating a better customer experience when applying for support.

“That is why we have already committed to improving land mapping with a new land parcel identification system and we have also taken steps to improve the appeals process.”

The 7 main  recommendations are:

  1. Improved mapping
  2. Mapping Stability during Single Application Form (SAF) window
  3. Penalties
  4. Inspections charter (all inspections)
  5. Standardise capital grant rates
  6. Improve EU appeals processing performance
  7.  Improve understanding

As we are set to leave the EU in just over a couple of weeks, the Scottish Government wishes to see a transition period for the Agricultural Industry up to 2024.



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