Stepping Stones Fundraising for Australian Firefighters

The Stepping Stones group will be running a fundraising café on Wednesday 15th of January between 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM at  the Overblikk Restaurant, Orkney College UHI.

They will be serving Lamington Cakes, Anzac biscuits and  old favourite, the cheese scone!

Also on the menu bacon and egg rolls along with pancakes bacon and Maple syrup.
 — at Overblikk Restaurant.

All profits and donations will be going to the states of Victoria and NSW firefighters charities

Lamingtons and a cup of tea

Lamingtons and a cup of tea credit: Coastal.culture.vulture


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  1. Hi Orkney folks, thank you so much your fundraising for the fire services in NSW and Victoria. As you probably know, most of the personnel are volunteers, and some continue to fight fires even though they have lost their own homes. The trucks, training, uniforms and equipment are mostly community funded (i.e. by donations). They give so much and with such skill. Sadly, a few have lost their lives.
    On a brighter note, yesterday we took some gum leaves to the Adelaide Koala Rescue centre in Adelaide, set up in a school gym, with dozens of injured or orphaned koalas, each in a little pen, being cared for by volunteers around the clock. The koalas mostly come from fire grounds in the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island. There are some good things happening.
    I visited Orkney for a week in 2018 and loved it. Our visit included the wonderful folk festival. My own ancestors come from Skye. My husband has ancestors from Shetland, so we feel very connected to the Scottish islands. Thanks so much for your efforts! Your support means a lot. Enjoy the lamingtons and ANZAC biscuits!

  2. Thank you, Orcadians. Your generosity has no boundaries. Our South Australian walking group, under the leadership of Lee, visited the Orkneys in 2017, and only last year we walked the Wilderness Trail on Kangaroo Island experiencing the pristine native vegetation and wildlife. In all areas affected by the fires, people have lost their homes, farms and other livelihoods. Your support will mean much to them.

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