Ditching the Plastic

Amongst the many items of plastic washed up on our shores are items which we can all personally make a change in using.

Toothbrushes and the lids off tubes of toothpaste float about on the sea and if not swallowed by a marine animal  land up on our beaches. They will live there forever. If washed out to sea again they will break up into even smaller particles, micro plastics, which will be consumed by an even greater number of marine animals and birds. Eventually, of course, this ends up in our food chain.

The Orkney News will be trying out an alternative to the plastic toothbrush and tube of toothpaste.

We will be trialling a bamboo brush and toothpaste tablets (which include fluoride). Purchased in Sutherland’s Pharmacy the two items cost £4.49 in total.

If any of our readers have already ditched the plastic it would be interesting to know what they use and how they got on?

bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste tablets

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  1. Funnily enough – I was thinking about toothbrushes the other day. We have a load of them in a drawer – we keep old ones to use for cleaning intricate things, but then, ultimately, they do have to go in the rubbish.

    We’ll definitely try the bamboo alternative, and the toothpaste – now accessible on Orkney, from Sutherland’s.

    More and more alternatives and options are becoming available, and locally, too. Good for Sutherland’s!

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