Another Way To Ditch The Plastic

By Bernie Bell

Years ago, in fact decades ago, a dentist advised me to use dental floss and I have done so ever since.  It’s a good idea anyway but as I’m get older and a bit ‘long in the tooth’, it’s definitely a helpful part of my dental hygiene regime.

Since Covid reared its ugly head I haven’t been to the dentist for my regular check-ups – they are very good, and keep sending me reminders and each time I answer that I’m still not comfortable being indoors where there are un-known people, and I assure the dentist that I am following a strict regime with my teeth – and I am!

Too much information?  It’s all part of how we are living, in these times.

And now I’ll get to the ditching the plastic bit.  For some time, each time I’d look at the little tub of dental floss I’d think about it being another piece of plastic.

I’m also not sure about what the floss itself is made of?  I know that our household rubbish goes to Shetland, where it’s incinerated to provide heating – which is A GOOD THING, but I was thinking that it would be even better if I could find some way of flossing my teeth without involving plastic. 

We support Amnesty International, and received their ‘shop’ catalogue ( ) which includes a range of plastic free dental care – and I quote… “Our plastic free dental care is made using natural and vegan ingredients to protect your teeth while protecting the planet.”  

I ordered some corn starch mint floss which arrived in a re-fillable dispenser – glass with a metal cap – so, ultimately, also re-cycle-able……

It’s just as effective as the one I used to use, but without adding to the production of plastic in the world.

We’ve already got some bamboo toothbrushes, as mentioned here….

Both the toothbrushes and the floss cost more than their plastic counterparts, and some might say that it’s a lot to pay when budgets are tight.   Being a bit of a smart-arse, I wouldn’t be able to resist answering that at least they don’t cost the earth.  Smart-arsery aside, if those who can possibly afford to buy the more environmentally friendly products do so, it may be a drop in the ocean when it comes to the whole world-wide use of plastic, but every way in which we can cut down on plastic use, does help the over-all situation. 

So, if possible, please make a bit of an effort to access and use these products – it may not seem like a big contribution to cleaning up the world but it is something and the more these products are used the more likely it is that they will be become  more readily available – and might become cheaper, too.

By the by – we also got some Christmas cards from the Amnesty catalogue – they’ve got some good ones – worth starting early!

And why give Tesco the profit, when you can support the work of Amnesty International instead?

Lord, I’m such a goody-goody!

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  1. Hello Miriam Landor
    I’m not on Facebook, so I’ll answer you here….
    Our dentist is Orkney Dental on John Street, Stromness. We’re registered with them, and they are reminding me to go for my 6 monthly check-up – but that will have to wait – as will quite a lot of things.
    They are very good as dentists, as well as about appointments.

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