Can you help St Colms Wood B Good, Cards and Cafe with Name Suggestions?

The very popular St Colms Wood B Good, Cards and Cafe in Kirkwall is exploring ideas for a name change.

St Colms 13 workshop

St Colms workshop in Kirkwall produces an excellent range of small and larger items in wood: everything from decorations and bird houses to garden furniture.

There is also a wonderful selection of handmade cards on sale in their shop – open Monday to Friday 10 to 4pm

Fun Palaces St Colms cafe

The Cafe is open on Friday’s 10 to 2pm and is increasing in popularity every week as news spreads of its welcoming atmosphere and good food.

St Colms 3

To continue to develop and grow St Colms Wood B Good, Cards and Cafe is being advised by Just Enterprise. It is thought that a change of name, something catchier, would help to promote what they do.

In a letter Ross Groundwater, Manager of Lifestyles Centre and St Colms said:

“The new name could reflect our business aims, or uniqueness and should not limit our growth. We appreciate the current name is well liked and respected from our existing customers and within the community.”

After the suggested names have been gathered there will be a vote in February which will include all the service users, parents, carers, customers, cafe visitors, staff, students and volunteers. The vote will close on 28th February 2020 with the results being announced in March.

Any significant changes will be consulted on fully.

There is a letter containing this information which includes a name suggestion portion at St Colms but you can also email in ideas to

Reporter: Fiona Grahame

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