Hunting the Haggis

HaggisScotland’s most elusive creature, the Haggis, has been seen in various parts of Kirkwall over recent days.

It is important that the beloved Haggis is found before it can get up to any mischief in the toon.

Since last Saturday, 18th of January and up until Saturday 1st of February the hunt is on.

If you can help to locate the Haggis, forms can be picked up from the Orkney Library and Archive and from the Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

Younger members of the community are especially good at finding the Haggis but there are no age restrictions.

Haggis like to hide in Kirkwall town centre businesses so that’s the most likely place they will be.

If you can find 10 or more Haggis make sure you put that into the form and hand it in. All forms will be entered into a prize draw to win a Kirkwall Gift Card.

There’s even a Facebook page :KirkwallBID

Hunt the haggis Kirkwall BID

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