Prepare to be Storybombed

Fairtrade Fortnight 24th of February to 3th of March

Hundreds of storybombs will be landing in locations all over Orkney.

The colourful little booklets can be found in cafes, libraries, travel centres and other unexpected spots during and after Fairtrade Fortnight (24th of February to 8th of March.)

They tell stories to read, share and pass on about the lives of women cocoa farmers, and come with free bookmarks to keep.  If you find one – enjoy.  And when you’ve finished with the booklet, hide it again for someone else to discover.

The storybombing initiative complements Orkney Fair Trade Group’s Great Chocolate Fairbaking Competion, which runs throughout Fairtrade Fortnight in cafes across Mainland and the isles showcasing the best of Orkney’s baking. Baking Up A Treat Fairly

winning bake Fairtrade 2019 chocolate cake

2019 Orkney Fairtrade winning bake from Julia’s Cafe

There’ll be an endless supply of guilt-free chocolate treats and a chance to win a hamper full of goodies when you vote for your favourite Fairbaker.  Both events are geared to raising awareness of the challenges for farming communities in cocoa growing countries, and how Fairtrade can improve their lives and protect their land.


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