Stan Laurel: #OnThisDay

Stan Laurel  died on the 23rd of February 1965. He was 74. His cinema career spanned from the birth of films, to sound and colour.

Stan Laurel 1920

Arthur Stanley Jefferson was born on 16th of June 1890 in Ullverston, Lancashire into a showbiz family.

Young Arthur and his family moved to Glasgow when his father became manager of the Metropole Theatre.

Learning his comic craft in the Music Halls he was a contemporary of Charlie Chaplin who he understudied for a time.

It was his move into films and eventually teaming up with Oliver Hardy that made him a movie icon as one part of Laurel and Hardy. Even to this day the comic genius of the duos films are still funny.

In 1961 he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Academy Award for his pioneering work in comedy.

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  1. I too claim a connection with Stan Laurel: while Stan attended grammar school in Bishop Auckland his parents ran the local Edin Theatre and the family lived in the house later occupied by my great-uncle. Triviality worthy of ‘Top Tenuous’!


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