Letters: Campaigning for Carbon Monoxide Detectors in ALL schools


Dear Orkney News,

Following an incident at my daughter’s school, I was recently made aware that ‘it is NOT a Legal requirement’ for all Schools to be fitted with Carbon Monoxide Detectors/Alarms.

Since this I have set up a petition and sent FOIs to local authorities across Scotland. I am frantically researching and discussing with professionals.

I thought you would be interested in hearing about the content of the response from Orkney Islands Council.  This is consistent with responses from other Local Authorities across Scotland.

Orkney Islands Council have confirmed me that ‘none of the 21 schools in the area have carbon monoxide detectors’.

I can provide a detailed list if required.

As a parent, I find this unacceptable. I am fighting for a change in Legislation, but more immediately I want all Local Authorities to act to protect our children from a silent killer.

I think all parents need to be informed, and push for CO alarms across all schools. Not to mention in all public buildings.

We have set up an online petition to make this compulsory. I appreciate that this is a big fight, but we would be extremely grateful if you would sign and possibly share in order to move forward and prevent this happening again to any other School.

Sign the Petition: Carbon Monoxide Detectors in ALL schools

We are very grateful for any support you can offer.

Most people have detectors at home to protect their families.  I am outraged to be informed that schools and non residential buildings are not required to have them.

I believe that most parents take it for granted that ALL Schools have them.  I certainly did.

Our Local Authority committed to putting Detectors in all Schools in our area after the incident at our school.  It has already proved to save lives.  Since fitting new sensors there has been two separate incidents where the alarms have sounded and children and staff have been evacuated.  These alarms can and will save lives.

We are contacting all schools and Local Authorities in Scotland, we aim to share widely and shout loudly.  This is a much bigger issue – we are currently exploring ways of reaching parents throughout the UK.

I thank you in advance and appreciate any support you can provide.

Kind regards, Joanne Parker, Glasgow


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