EDITORIAL – I would like to thank –

I would like to thank the young man in Tesco who was shopping for himself and his mum. When he was told he could take 3 of the items he was looking for, he said, I only need 2.

I would like to thank all the people who have cancelled their holidays even though they were really looking forward to them and who have remained at home instead.

I would like to thank all the children, young people and parents who are missing their friends but who have done this to protect everyone.

I would like to thank all the local shops and supermarkets who are delivering to homes and trying their best to keep the shelves stocked.

I would like to thank all the postal workers and delivery drivers who are keeping us sane with online purchases and letters.

I would like to thank all the key workers for keeping vital services going  in order to care and protect us all.

I would like to thank all the musicians and artists, past and present, who have given us wonderful things to listen to, look at and read.

This too shall pass.

flower festival 2019



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      • I know I contribute to TON myself – but I would like to echo what daviddraws andpaints says – thank you, Fiona for setting up TON in the first place – it’s A GOOD THING anyway, but, it really is helping, right now – getting information out there, posting interesting things to occupy people – THANK YOU MISSUS EDITOR for setting it up and keeping it going – sometimes in the face of abuse from dingbats! And thank you Helen for the yummy recipes, thank you Kenny for the stunning photos, and thank you Nick for getting out and about and thank you, all the occasional contributors – thank you, one and all.
        I was thinking I’d like to laud Fiona, but didn’t want to be a kiss-ass!

      • Thank you Bernie – it is very much a team effort. And if anyone else wishes to contribute to the website please email fiona@theorkneynews,scot

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