Poetry Corner:Empty Streets

My selection of poem this week came about as a result of the Social Isolation “lock down” which nearly everybody is being asked to comply with. As you can see from the photos; On the 24th March Kirkwall is empty.



Empty Streets

The town is quiet, empty
Street lights cast shadows
In doorways and windows
Curtains drawn, people sleeping
A night rain is falling fast
Through the amber halos of street lights
Lighting the roads and pathways
There is not a soul to be seen or heard
The parked cars line up colourless
The dull reflection of a shop window
Offers little comfort in passing
A stray cat sits ahead in some shade
Staring intent before running away
Into the empty night gone
What little wind there is, cold
A car passes, unknown passengers
The temporary warming light
Soon gone disappeared
Hand fishing for keys in pockets
Through a door into shade
The empty streets replaced


Matthew Holloway

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  1. I asked friend Sally what it’s like to live in London now – and Sally said….

    “To be honest at present I’m just loving some of the difference in London, i.e. LESS people, cleaner streets. People are mainly obeying rules but still there are those who are either ignorant or rebelling, not sure which. I can say though that this virus is bringing out the best and the worst of people. People are talking to each other and smiling at each other and helping people. Even hermitish me has put notes through peoples doors offering support if needed. I felt pleased that an elderly lady rang me to try to get her bread this morning. Pleased because I didn’t expect to be needed as most people have friends and family at hand. I queued (all the shops have queues) and got it hurray! Went for brisk walk by the river at same time as we are allowed to at the moment. Of the sparse handful of people out and about, 99% of people were keeping a wide birth. If they continue this way, hopefully the parks and river will not be out of bounds.”

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