The Word Of The Day – Is ADAPT!

By Bernie Bell 

We’re having to adapt.

We’ve adapted how we use the space in our house, as Mike is working at home, and needed a work space.  We’ve set up the ‘office’ for him as a work station again. I’ll sit at the kitchen table when I write.  We needed to get an extra office chair, as the kitchen chairs hurt my back after a while – good office chairs cost – but think of what we’ll save on petrol!

It should work out OK – he likes being home!  It also means that he doesn’t have the travel time, to and from work, so, when he finishes working, he has time for a little walk, just down to the Bay  and back, which is good for him, after being at the computer all day.  All in all, it looks like it should work.  I have to remind myself not to chatter at him when he’s meant to be working – especially when he’s having a Skype conference  – it not a good idea if I burst into the ‘office’, squealing excitedly “Mrs Harrier flew over the garden!”

We’ve had to adapt how we shop, or, should I say, how Mike shops, as I don’t go out among the populace, due to me’ ailments.  Last time he went to the Stromness Co-op, he says it was fine – nearly normal. Some gaps on the shelves – bread was low – and the shelves for bread-making stuff ( yeast, flour) were empty, but, all in all, it was very civilized and reasonable.  Not many people, all behaving courteously.  Some shortages, but not silly panic buying. He got some essential supplies and came home – probably for another week.  We’ll go along and see how it works out.

We’re having to think more carefully about….everything.

One adaptation which suits me fiiiiine, is that Mike’s doing the cooking, as it’s something active to do after being on the computer all day – I might forget how to use the cooker! I like eating, but I don’t like cooking – so that suits me! I usually do most of the cooking.  As I’m at home anyway, I see cooking as being part of my ‘job’, but, due to the adaptations…..I don’t cook, I just ….eat!!!!


The word of the day and of the time, is ADAPT.  It’s how we’ve survived, as a species, through millennia – by adapting to the conditions we find ourselves in, and so, survive, and progress.

We are The Adaptors and our super-power is ….adapting!

Mike Bell as Wonder Woman

Mike being Wonder Woman


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  1. When Mike was actually at work, in his workplace, they used to have tea breaks, which meant they could have a chat, and it wasn’t all just work work work. So, these days, Mike and few others have taken to having virtual tea breaks together. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

    Take good care of yourselves, and…watch out for Virtual Insanity………

  2. And…….
    Yesterday, I set up the iron to do some ironing, then thought – “I needn’t do this – who’s to see?” Then I thought, no, that’s not the point, as with anything, it not a matter of who’s to see, it’s how something makes you feel. Letting ourselves go could be the start of a slippery slope – though Mike is tempted to let his beard grow, just to see what happens!

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